The owner of Best Paw Forward Dog Grooming is Carol Hoffman.  She is a Certified Groomer, licensed by PACFA (Pet Animal Care Facilities Act) and she has been serving the dog owning community for over twenty years in the same location. Carol has a commitment to excellence that is reflected in her work.

Carol is currently owned by two Belgian Tervurens, who meet and greet at the shop daily.  They love to meet new people, so stop by to say “Hi"to Roarie and Coal.

Charlene Dwyer has been grooming at Best Paw Forward Dog Grooming for 4 years.
She raises and shows Kerry Blue Terriers and also has a German Pinscher. Her family has been involved in showing dogs for over 70 years.



RoarieRoarie is the “mother of all”.  Any client who is scared or stressed on the grooming table will see Roarie’s reassuring face.  It seems as if she is saying, ”Don’t worry. The people here are great . You don’t have to be scared.”


Coal is everyone’s friend.  He greets everyone that enters the shop and often invites you to play with his ball.  He is a very happy boy who loves his work.


(Please keep in mind when you come to the shop that Roarie and Coal get paid with compliments and head pats!)